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Celebrations on KamFa Goddess Festival

Each year on April 17th of the Lunar Year when KamFa Festival is celebrated, Master Kwan’s son Mr. Kwan Hon Chuen, along with Master Luk Chong Mao (Master Luk Chi Fu’s son) and Master Cheung Kwok Wah (Master Kwan Tak Hing’s disciple) and friends, would bring more than 10 dancing lions to Peng Chau. For more than 10 years and on the day before the festival (April 16th of the Lunar Year) the Head of Peng Chau KamFa Temple and the Executive Officer would perform rituals by placing offerings and burning paper objects including money, clothing, food and other symbols of earthly necessities in front of the temple and on the East, South, West and North sides of the island. The rituals are meant to first appease all the spirits and gods of the underworld prior to the festival to ensure peace for all.

At the strike of first minute in the morning of the festival, the proceedings start with well-wishing objects that are meant to protect devotees during the year for well-being and fulfillment. At 10am, lead wishes in the form of unicorn dances are performed by Wai Hoi Luk Village Association, Lai Hang Cheung Sports Association and Kwen Ying Tong Firecrackers Association. This is followed by a golden dragon and more than 10 dancing lions all over the island led by Mr. Kwan Hon Chuen, Master Luk Chong Mao, Master Cheung Kwok Wah and friends. The highlight is the “eye dotting” ceremony on the golden dragon and dancing lions by Mr. Lam Wai Keung SBS, BBS, JP, local officials and village gentry. At noon vegetarian meals are served for the respected elderly with lucky draws. After the meal donations of a bag of rice, biscuits, drinks and ointment are given to each elderly including a gift pack. Most costs are covered by devotees, and any shortfall is covered by Head of KamFa Temple Madame Yip Kam Lan.