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KamFa Temple

Devotees of KamFa Goddess come from Hong Kong and all over the world to pray to KamFa Goddess because She is able to materialize thier wishes come true. The pair of paper scroll by the two sides of the front gate read: “Wishes for children or grandchildren always granted. Wishes for male or female never rejected.” The paper scrolls were donated by a devotee some years ago to show that if one prays sincerely, the wish will always come true. No matter what the devotee’s wish is, all he/she has to do is to pray with deep faith to KamFa Goddess, then the wish always comes true. The Temple welcomes worshippers to come on April 17th of the Lunar Year to celebrate the festival, make their wishes, and receive KamFa Goddess’s blessing. To name a few distinguished visitors that have been to the Temple, they include former Hong Kong Governor Mr. Chris Patten, Exco/Legco Councilor Madame Selina Chow Leung Suk Yee, Legislative Councilor and Mr. Lam Wai Keung SBS,BBS, JP, and actress Madame Wong Ming Chuen, etc.

Peng Chau KamFa Temple is a unique temple in Hong Kong. On its left there is an old banyan tree and on its right an old well. It is not a grand place but it is filled with spiritual atmosphere. There is also an Upper Palace behind the temple, which serves as the resting place for KamFa Goddess. Inside the palace, Tai Sheung Lo Kuan is worshipped. The palace is neatly cared for and is where KamFa Goddess receives all deities and fairies from heaven. That is why it is a spiritual place. The name “Upper Palace” was hand-written by Master Kwan when he was alive. Upper Palace is only open to public during KamFa Goddess Festival, Guardian General Enlightenment Festival and the first day of the Lunar New Year. All worshippers that come on the first day of New Year receive a “Lai-See”, red pocket, for well-being of the year.

The Head of the Peng Chau KamFa Temple Madame Yip Kam Lan is responsible for all the matters relating to the temple. Each year for celebrations including all sorts of festive activities and tributes to the elderly, she works to her utmost abilities and provide generous financial support. She truly demonstrates dedication and devotion. Moreover many people have selflessly dedicated time and efforts, including those who take part in the unicorn, golden dragon and lion dances; those who help with the daily keeping of temple premises, those who present themselves at temple celebrations and those who volunteer to setup this website. Their only goal is work toward community benefit and respect for the elderly and for everyone’s well-being. Their devotion and dedication is admirable. We wish them health and KamFa Temple be increasingly prosperous spiritually in the fragrance of incense!

With regards to this website, it was initiated by a Hong Kong devotee who started to come to the temple since 2003 and currently resides in Europe. It was affinity that brought him to KamFa Goddess. Due to his devotional worship he has been helped numerous times and given guidance during the past year. He wishes to express his gratitude and help others through this website that serves as the channel to provide updates on KamFa Temple’s activities and information. In this way seekers can receive KamFa Goddess’ help and develop a deeper understanding of KamFa Goddess.

Peng Chau KamFa Temple is a non-profit making organization and will not accept donations through the internet. Worshippers should be wary of anyone who approaches them in the name of the temple asking for donations.

We hope that worshippers will keep the temple clean and care for the ornaments when paying respect to the Kamfa Goddess. Thank You!